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We provide gemstone and silver jewelry hand selected from around the world. Each piece we sell has an authentic earth-mined gemstone in sterling silver setting. The focus of the jewelry is on the gemstone.

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We specialize in high quality gemstones set in sterling silver. Our silver gemstone jewelry collection incorporates classic, timeless pieces coupled with original handcrafted pieces that bring with them a flavor of the exotic place they come from. We hand select our jewelry from Nepal, Lithuania, Thailand, India and the USA.

We are gemstone experts, so each piece in our collection was chosen for the gemstone it contains. When you buy jewelry from us, you can trust that its genuine. You will receive your purchase in a beautiful handmade wooden or metal box. You will also have 30 days in which to return it for a full refund if you don't like it. So let your eyes and heart peruse these treasures, knowing you can try anything you want risk-free.